“Liar” Accusation Further Divides Us

During the Obama years, my father barked, “Liar!” at the television whenever the President gave a speech. Now, our public discourse broadly employs this childlike outburst when we don’t agree. Now, progressives and news organizations participate in a playground name-calling mentality. It’s one thing to say, “misleading statement,” as Kyle Ritchie did in his letter of 6/7 regarding a Hanson column; it’s quite another for this newspaper to place a headline over that same letter: “Columnist trucks…in lies.” To use the word, “lies,” is to accuse someone of being a liar. But most people are not liars. If they believe politicians, many of whom actually do lie, does this make them liars?  It may be that reflexively calling the other side “liars” is the first step on the road to invalidating a lost election.

(As published by the East Bay Times, 6/11/21)